Helping to design ambitious buildings is what Amar Misr Engineering Consultants is best known for.

In addition to its world-class strengths in building engineering, Amar Misr Engineering Consultants

offers a great diversity of design skills and services that address all aspects of form and function in

the built environment.

Our approach to design is about width, breadth and depth – from perfecting the tiniest details of a building to managing complex multidisciplinary projects and developing living and working spaces for whole communities. The firm is an expert in designing buildings that create an efficient, safe, comfortable environment for occupants.

With the aid of Building Information Management (BIM), Amar Misr delivers optimum results and benefits in developing higher quality and more innovative projects from concept stage to completion.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants does not specialize in a particular style or building type and takes on projects from modest to massive scale. Our skills and services are focused on enabling clients to achieve sustainable outcomes for best value that is the reason our portfolio includes diverse, complex, groundbreaking buildings.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants is known for enabling realization of the Middle East region’s most amazing buildings. The firm collaborates extensively with the global architectural community, bringing its wide-ranging engineering services to the design process.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants employs many architects on its staff, working alongside the firm’s other specialists in building design and engineering.

Our architectural services are always delivered by a multidisciplinary team committed to creating integrated designs, with sustainable outcomes.

Our firm has recently added a department responsible for landscape related design development encompassing softscape, hardscape, storm water management and irrigation system as well as planning and material selection.

Amar Misr is known to handle landscape requirements from small-scale to the most complex projects such as luxurious residential villas, multiple-star hotels and theme parks.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants Area Development team has initiated a strategic approach and workflow which involves data collection, assessment, coordination, preparation and delivery of required packages. We are in close collaboration with the different involved parties / sub consultants within this discipline mainly Structural & MEP, Teeming, Landscaping Designer, Water Feature, Lighting, Audio and Signage & Way finding to ensure minimal errors during construction phase as well as the realization of positive results.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants Interior Design Team is mostly involved in turning an interior space to a specific purpose taking into account all aspects of human use and structural spaces. Our team combines present-day innovation, creative design solution and relevant concepts based on the project’s background and spatial profile to achieve the desired project objective.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants has the in-house capacity of providing architectural animations to a vast range of project needs. Computer-generated buildings are created along with necessary elements such as landscaping, animated people, vehicles, animals, structures, etc. wherein all of these assets are assembled and played back producing a movie effect having several camera angles which adds great value on the client’s marketing strategy to enhance reality in their requirements and convey a realistic view of the project’s concept.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants teams are skilled in designing structures of economy and elegance to realise architects’ and clients’ ambitions. For us the ability to design buildings to be stable, strong, stiff and durable under all their imposed conditions while using materials economically is the essence of structural engineering. The challenge for our structural engineers is to minimize the resources required for the structure while meeting the brief and the acknowledged values of the project.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants is fortunate with an experienced MEP design team for the Complete MEP services of commercial as well as Residential towers and villas by coordinating with client and regulatory authorities requirements from concept to the handing over.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants offers an extensive range of services and skills in the field of MEP engineering, covering all aspects of the built environment.

The firm is equally well placed to provide electro-mechanical engineering design and supervision support for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

At Amar Misr Engineering Consultants we realize that mechanical systems have a significant impact on the long-term value of a building as they make commercial workplaces more lettable and their occupants more productive, hotels better places to stay and residential developments more valuable as homes.

Our MEP engineering teams create comfortable, controllable, easily maintained environments for the benefit of building users, operators and owners. They strive to produce systems that not only function well, but also minimize the environmental impact of buildings. Our mechanical engineers design and specify the most appropriate heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to meet each individual client’s needs and complement the architect’s vision.

As a part of our firm’s assurance of delivering a safe environment of high quality in our designs and project execution, Amar Misr Engineering Consultants makes certain that all guidelines set forth by the local authorities are materialized. Not only does Amar Misr deliver projects of the most iconic and exemplary caliber but we also ensure that the highest standards of Fire Protection and Life Safety are adhered to in our design and engineering solutions.

We offer comprehensive planning and Cost management solution for our client of the following field of contract administration by experienced certified charted surveyors

  • Feasibility studies & contract administration
  • Project scheduling and Programming
  • Tender selection and Appraisal
  • Pre and Post contract cost management
  • Interim Valuation
  • Claim services

At Amar Misr Engineering Consultants, we understand that Construction Administration is necessary to: ensure that the works are constructed in accordance with the design and specification, safeguard the quality of construction, oversee the safety of the works, provide a cost-monitoring service to the client, etc.

Our role in construction administration varies depending on the contract e.g. re-measure, Design & Build (D&B), Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO), and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI).

The range of services offered is tailored to match the scope of works and the client’s requirements. They may include:

Provision on site of a: Resident Engineer, Engineer’s Representative or other engineering and environmental staff as necessary. Auditing the Contractor’s construction (not limited to the following) in compliance with the design and /or specification.

  • Limited modification of the design
  • Quality and Environment Management
  • Construction Design Management (CDM) statutory compliance
  • Technical inspection of materials and workmanship
  • Monitoring of contractor’s planning, programme and progress
  • Advice to the Employer on matters of contract, payment and liability
  • Reporting and As-Built records
  • Maintenance and Defect Period Monitoring

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants ensures to assist construction supervisory personnel and agents for monitoring construction progress in respect of adhering to the project contract, cost control and cost management. We assist the Client and the Cost Consultant to assemble full descriptions of varied undertakings (drawings, specifications, narratives, technical/scope element breakdowns, caveats and disclaimers, etc.), all necessary substantiating documentation, and comprehensive justification for entitlement, cost and time with respect to draft Variation Orders in order to obtain timely approval by Client and signature by the parties.

At Amar Misr Consultants, we welcome the tough jobs, the ones with critical completion schedules and complex requirements.

We use leading-edge technology for estimating, planning and project management. Our intensive pre-screening services ensure quality and consistency of subcontractors. Whatever the size and scope of your project, our seasoned team of industry professionals will surpass your expectations. Our integrity shows at every stage of the process. No cutting corners. No compromising on accuracy or quality. No excuses. Our success depends on your success.

  • Our disciplined processes ensure that every team member is on the same page and can make critical decisions.
  • We work closely with architects and engineers to ensure accurate cost estimating and constructability.
  • Our company principals are involved in every project – no layers of bureaucracy.
  • We encourage personal excellence by rewarding outstanding performance.
  • We provide good advice, every step of the way.

For more than forty years, Amar Misr Consultatns has demonstrated expertise in traditional General Contracting, or Design-Bid-Build,  where one phase is completed before beginning the next phase.

We have many repeat clients because we build efficiently and economically while focusing on quality and safety. Our clients are confident in our knowledge of the marketplace, mastery in estimating, detailed scheduling, and accurate bid package preparation. As a result, they keep coming back, project after project.

Amar Misr Consultants is committed to client satisfaction. We focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions for all of our projects.

Owners select Amar Misr Consultants as construction manager based on our project experience, staff qualifications, and track record of performance. Using this project delivery method, the owner contracts separately with a designer and a construction manager. Design and construction phases overlap, allowing us to provide significant input into a project’s constructability, scheduling, and costs before the design is completed. The owner controls the project while our team of construction professionals handles the day-to-day construction issues and keeps the project on track. We provide these services either as an agent, where our client holds all the trade contracts, or on an at-risk basis, where we are responsible for all the trade contracts. Committing to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) helps to reduce client risk by assuring the project will be built for no more than the contract amount.

Amar Misr Consultants is a leader in design-build project delivery by providing single-source responsibility, integrated design, construction planning, and accelerated schedules with open communications and teamwork.

Since construction in the design-build project delivery method runs concurrently with the design process, projects can be completed more quickly than with traditional linear methods. As drawings are developed, we serve as a single point of contact to the client, working with the designers to define functional requirements, refine the budget, and streamline the schedule. Our ability to identify long-lead items, orgnanize smart bid packages, and prepare detailed construction schedules yields positive results, reducing change orders and potentially saving clients months of time and millions in design and construction costs.

A successful project is the result of meticulous preconstruction planning and ongoing collaboration among all parties.

We attend every design meeting and listen with a practiced ear, making certain all objectives are clearly understood and correctly communicated to every member of the construction team. Early involvement is the key to a successful, smoothly running project; at White Construction, on-time and in-budget begins from day one.

Amar Misr Consultants has earned a stellar reputation in every facet of the construction process by being a trustworthy and fair partner, by watching out for the interests of their clients, and by completing quality projects safely, on time, and under budget.

From full time on-site superintendents and project managers to state-of-the-art software, we provide a superior experience every step of the way. Here is what you can expect:

  • Thorough, hands-on management of all construction activities from groundbreaking to grand opening
  • Meticulous planning and scheduling
  • Detailed and accurate document control
  • A safe and well-managed jobsite
  • Proactive Quality Assurance
  • Fair and timely Change Management
  • A sense of urgency to complete the project on schedule
  • Open and honest communication at all times
  • Teamwork approach to problem solving
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