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  • providing and interpreting financial information;
  • monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends;
  • analysing change and advising accordingly;
  • formulating strategic and long-term business plans;
  • researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance;
  • analysing competitors and market trends;
  • developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk;
  • conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;
  • managing a company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems;
  • liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out;
  • developing external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organisations such as the Inland Revenue;
  • producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines;
  • managing budgets;
  • arranging new sources of finance for a company’s debt facilities;
  • supervising staff;
  • keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation.
  • Manages a financial team; implements and maintains financial systems and processes on all construction projects.
  • Oversees financial functions to ensure that construction based financial activities comply with internal control standards and requirements.
  • Oversees budgeting and monitors construction costs based on the analysis and review of financial information. Measures and controls impact of construction projects on finances.
  • Handle full spectrum of financial and cost accounting role eg. AR, AP, GL, forecasting, budgeting etc
  • Responsible for day to day finance and accounts operations
  • Perform full set of accounts and ensure timely closing of accounts.
  • Perform project cost forecasts/budgets, cost tracking, monitoring and controls.
  • Responsible for timely monthly consolidated financial statements, payments, cash-flow management reporting for submission to HQ in France.
  • Review & approve payment vouchers & journal entries
  • Perform cash flow forecasting, budgeting and working closely with the operations and project teams in analyzing margins, variances and cost analysis.
  • Issue project cost reports for review and approval.
  • Develop and maintain internal control and effective accounting system and policies for the set up.
  • Support CFO in ensuring that intercompany cost allocations are in line with management agreements and transfer pricing policy
  • Establish and maintain systems for cost-sensitivity analysis and early-warning of cost-overruns
  • Work consultatively with the respective departments on cost reduction initiatives


  1. CPA or Min Degree in Accounting/Finance/ACCA qualification

  2. Min 5-7 years relevant experience in financial & management accounting particularly in Construction Industry is preferred.

  3. Relevant experience in audit and costing is advantageous.

  4. Excellent strategic planning skills and able to interact with all levels.

  5. Good MS Office skills particularly strong capabilities in MS Excel.

  6. Able to work independently and highly meticulous.

  7. Working experience in SAP is highly regarded.

  8. Familiarity in US GAAP and SOX is advantageous.


  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers and management
  • Ensure all engineering tasks are on budget, schedule and scope
  • Responsible for reviewing areas over budget with designers/drafters working under them
  • Work with Project Engineer, and Project Manager to justify areas over budget and behind schedule, identify potential change orders, and determine corrective action plan
  • Know and understand the discipline specific scope of work, design criteria, and project standards to ensure drawings and specifications developed comply with Project Execution Plan
  • Direct drafters, designers and other engineers to complete tasks
  • Responsible for preparing and maintaining calculations as required by the project plan for submittals for any applicable permits or client review
  • Understand project and state stamping requirements. Engineer is ultimately responsible for PE stamping as required by project by working with Engineer of Record or obtaining PE stamp
  • Interface through Discipline or Team Lead for details within Engineer’s responsibility to obtain necessary information in a timely manner
  • Proactively communicate any concerns, problems, or technical decisions that impact the project (ie. Layouts, budget, other disciplines)
  • Document and maintain all communication that impacts technical decisions
  • Check work received from Designers/Drafters for correctness and quality
  • Verify that work meets River and/or project standards
  • Verify Designers/Drafters working under Engineer are following QA/QC standards

Core Competencies:

  • Strong understanding of structural engineering practice and process
  • Demonstrated experience in the design of Industrial Structures and Foundations
  • Demonstrated experience with the design of steel and concrete
  • Demonstrated experience with Load Analysis tools such as STAAD or RISA as well as performing hand calculations
  • Demonstrated experience working with large pipe and ducts
  • Demonstrated experience working with piping engineers in the interpretation of stress analysis
  • Demonstrated experience interfacing with permitting agencies and developing a permit drawing set
  • Demonstrated experience developing not to exceed loads with preliminary information
  • Demonstrated experience identifying and interpreting load paths
  • Demonstrated experience sizing steel members of pipe racks, pipe supports to building steel, support towers, skids and tanks
  • Demonstrated experience in developing deep foundations including re-bar layout, concrete mix specifications and anchoring devices
  • Demonstrated experience with seismic design in high seismic areas
  • Demonstrated experience with managing steel and concrete quantities for design efficiency
  • General understanding of IBC, UBC, AISC, and ASME and the interpretation of local building codes
  • Demonstrated experience performing construction cost estimates for industrial installations including quantity development
  • Active PE license with the ability to be licensed in multiple states
  • Demonstrated experience in one of the following industries; liquid terminals, chemical plants, oil and gas, steel or process plants
  • Candidates must have a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering or a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering

Construction project managers oversee the building of homes, offices, stores and public works projects such as bridges and dams. Typically, a construction manager is involved from the early stages of development until the project is completed. Depending on the employer and the project, travel might be required or the manager may work out of a temporary office on the job site.


At the beginning of a project, prepares a plan that details the steps required, and then calculates the material costs and personnel needed to complete the project. He prepares a timeline to show when each stage must be completed if the final deadline is to be met.

determines the permits necessary and ensures that they are obtained.

reviews the budget for the project and prepares a detailed plan to allocate the funds by stage or by labor, materials and contingencies.

Involved in negotiating with vendors and suppliers to obtain the best price and delivery schedule.

He might solicit bids from several suppliers before making a decision. If subcontractors are needed, he is normally responsible for selecting them and negotiating the terms of their contracts.

negotiate with one or more labor union representatives to finalize a contract between the builder and the union.




Depending on the scope of the project, interview and select all personnel working on the site. On a large project, he may choose only his assistant managers and allow them to make hiring decisions. typically responsible for explaining worksite policy, project goals and safety procedures to workers, regardless of who hired them.



Construction projects do not always progress according to schedule. Bad weather, delays in receiving supplies, accidents, and building inspectors who are behind schedule can play havoc with the manager’s initial plan. In these cases, he must revise his schedule as needed, reordering tasks or assignments so that the final deadline can still be met. Budget revisions might also be needed, especially if schedule changes are going to require additional manpower or overtime.



The degree with which a construction project manager is involved in the daily routine depends on the size of the project, the number of assistants he has and his personal management style. At minimum, the construction manager organizes activities and meets with his assistant managers or supervisors to review goals and progress.

supervise support staff, such as bookkeepers and secretaries.



Must prepare reports for their superiors or clients. Items typically included in these reports include cost overruns, workplace injuries, issues with trade unions or the causes of construction delays. Other reports that might be needed include incident reports if a worker is injured. Some managers prepare the reports themselves, while others furnish the data to a staff member who prepares the report.


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